New Student Registration


The New Student Registration Gateway is for families who have established legal residency in Maysville Local School District, or have been approved for Open Enrollment, and want to enroll students in a Maysville school.  Use of the online portal will speed up the registration process.  It is your responsibility to create and maintain your password to Registration Gateway on-line registration forms in a secure manner.  If you suspect that your password is compromised it should be changed immediately.  
Some things you should know:
  1. You will create a username and password.  Please keep this information to refer back to. If you have enrolled a child previously, and are enrolling a new one, you can log in with the username and password you created before and click "Add Student."  A new password will be sent to you if you have forgotten or lost it.  Click "Login Help" if needed.
  2. You will be asked to complete information about the parents / guardian(s), the student and emergency contacts.
  3. At any time, you may “Save” the information and go back to complete it at a later date, but it must be completed prior to yourschool’s appointed registration date.  Be sure to click the “Save” button at the end when you have completed the process.
Registering your child is a 4-step process:                    
  1. Complete the online registration (Approximately 15 minutes per child)
  2. Schedule a registration appointment at the end of online registration
  3. Gather required documentation (see "Registration Documents" at right)
  4. Attend registration appointment with required documents
Only the parent or legal guardian of the child may complete the registration process.  Children (grades 1-12) do not need to be present for the registration process.
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