Draw For Life

Draw for Life  

Art Contest 


All donations will be donated to AllWell, a local suicide awareness foundation. 

Rules for the contest apply as follows: 

  1. All entries must be submitted by April 15,2020

  2. All entries must include a semicolon, and be representative of suicide awareness.

  3. All entry submissions must be original pieces of art, no plagiarized work will be accepted. Any work found to be plagiarized will receive immediate disqualification.

  4. Any medium is accepted, but all entries must be at least  5.5”by 4”, but can not exceed 11.5” by 8” 

  5. We ask that all artists sign their work, as well as provide some form of contact information in order for us to contact the winner. 



This contest is free to enter, however any donations are appreciated and will be directly donated to the AllWell foundation.  Any graphic art can be submitted through our gmail, or through our instagram page.If you’re submitting through the school, turn in entries to Mrs.Tonneman or Mrs. Rossiter.If you have any questions regarding contest dates, judging, or entry submission, ect. Contact us at [email protected]  or @draw_for_life_art_contest (Instagram Handle) 

Contest Rubric 






Bonus Points


Little to no effort, work looks sloppy 

Not very precise; No clear method

No clear message or theme 

Unoriginal content, or is copywritten.

Incorporating Teal & Purple 

(5 points)


Some effort, but work is still messy

Method is emerging, but work needs more time for precision

A theme is being hinted at, but is not clearly depicted.

Some originality, but work is still largely copied or based on another piece

Piece incorporates butterflies in a creative way 

(5 Points)


Clear attempt, work shows some precision and effort. Some rushed parts

Clear technique shown in work , but still isn’t as precise                                 

The theme is clear, but some issues with the composition of it

Mostly original and creative, but work displays a repetitive message

Incorporates many cultural symbols for life 

(5 Points) 


Work is clear and legible. Effort is clearly presented and the piece has very few rushed parts

Obvious use of technique, and work is clean, precise lines and work

A very clear theme is shown, and has an impact on the observer.

Art presents a new perspective, and is completely original, with many new ideas.

Incorporating a quote in a creative way

(5 Points)

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