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Meal Delivery - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions – Meal Delivery


Can one of my children pick up a grab and go meal for siblings or do all of the children need to be at the stop?

One child or parent may pick up lunches for all Maysville children in the household.


If we aren’t sure of the stop, will the bus stop if the driver sees my children waiting?

Yes, the bus driver has been authorized to stop if feasible. However, we cannot guarantee that these are areas are safe to stop the bus, so it is important to be at the actual bus stop.


Will you provide a meal for my preschooler that attends Maysville?

Yes, we will provide a meal for our preschoolers as well if the parent comes to the stop.


Why can’t you tell me the exact time to be at the stop?

This is our first time running routes like this. We will be stopping at every elementary, middle, and high school route. Therefore, the times cannot be determined until we actually run these. Also, we cannot estimate how long we will need to be at each stop.


Will the bus put on flashing lights and require traffic to stop?

Yes, the buses will operate the same as if we are picking up children.


My child does not ride the bus. How do I know where to go for the bus stop?

You can ask a neighbor that does ride the bus where to be. You might also see other children waiting at the stop.


My child is an open enrollment student. Can he or she go to the stop?

Absolutely! Open enrollment stops will be included in our bus runs. You may go to any stop and receive meals.


My children will not be at their regular bus stop. Will they be given meals?

Yes, any Maysville child at the stop will be given a meal, even if it isn’t their regular stop.


Will you have special lunches for my children who have allergies or are gluten-free?

No, not on Thursday. However, we will be calling parents whose children have allergies and will make arrangements beginning on Monday to provide those special meals.